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The Mystery Behind Ear Acupuncture

​The ear: An ancient microsystem with modern applications

How does it work?

There is a close relationship between the ear, brain, and our nervous system. The ear is one of the first organs to appear in embryological development. At precisely the same time that the spinal cord is forming, a knob develops within the brain that becomes the external ear. The nerves that innervate the ear have connections with the internal organs and all parts of the body. When stimulated, it has a direct effect on calming the nervous system, which is why ear acupuncture is so effective in treating chemical and alcohol dependency, addictive cravings, and anxiety.

Likewise, in Chinese medical theory, the ear is a connecting place of all vessels and meridians in the human body. The acu-points are organized in homunculus form, similar to an inverted fetus, with the head towards the lobe, the feet towards the upper rim of the ear, and the organs resting in the central cavums of the ear. There are over 100 acu-points on the ear alone that correspond to the different structures, tissues and organs in our body. It is a complete micro system for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. As a diagnostic tool, the ear can provide valuable medical insight into the health of a person.

What can it treat?

Common uses for auricular acupuncture include:

• Musculoskeletal Pain

• Migraines

• Asthma and Allergies

• Skin Disorders

• High blood pressure

• Hot flashes

• Menstrual Problems

• Digestive Problems

• Anxiety


• Addictions

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