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Your Child's First Treatment

Here are helpful to tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable first office visit, with no big surprises:


Inform your child that they are going to see a friendly doctor who is going to help them feel better. Let them know that she knows cool ways of helping the body heal, and she helps other kids, too.


Refrain from using the word "needle". Usually, the only needles that kids have come in contact with are big and painful, and we want to avoid making that association. Instead, you can use words like "acupuncture" or "taps"


Very importantly, make sure both parents are on board for acupuncture treatments. This helps tremendously with suggestions I make regarding dietary or lifestyle changes, and herbal administration.


The first treatment involves a thorough intake. Bring an activity for your child to keep them interested and occupied while we go through the initial intake. This could be reading material, an engaging quiet toy, or a drawing activity on ipad.



Please fill out the intake form ahead of time







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